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Cy-Hawk Miniature Trophy


The Cy-Hawk Trophy, a celebration of The State of Iowa, is the prize awarded to the winner of the battle between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones.

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The Iowa – Iowa State rivalry dates all the way back to 1894, when Iowa Agricultural went into Iowa City and came away with a 16-8 victory. Since then the series has tilted well back in Iowa’s favor, however this now-annual series remains unique in it’s one of the few involving power five schools that share the same state but not the same conference.  And nearly every September it divides and unites Ames, Iowa City and the rest of the great State of Iowa.

A traveling trophy symbolizing this rivalry wasn’t unveiled until 1977, and this traditional trophy went back and forth until  2011, when the Iowa Corn Grower’s Association unveiled a new version. The new trophy landed with a resounding thud. The public wasn’t impressed at all, and today’s current Cy-Hawk version came about and was finally unveiled following the 2012 contest.

Our miniature replica is perfect for the desk or Christmas tree. It checks in at about 3 inches tall.  The mini was constructed using the same specifications used with the actual traveling trophy, but one difference you’ll note is with the plates that surround the trophy. The real version allows room for scores of each contest, however in order to keep your collectible from being dated, the plates are actually blank.


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