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The Old Oaken Bucket Mini


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Established in 1925, the Old Oaken Bucket was the brainchild of Chicago-based alums from Indiana and Purdue. Both alumni groups felt a bucket from an Indiana well was a suitable prize to award to the winner of the annual gridiron battle. So a bucket that many believe dates back to the Civil War was found on a farm in southern Indiana and selected, and each year the winning school would attach a block letter representing the winning school. Of course, the 1925 contest ended in a tie, a 0-0 one at that, thus the trophy’s handle is adorned with a block link that represents both schools. Today Boiler and Hoosiers cannot celebrate their Hoosier State victory without hoisting the Old Oaken Bucket.

Our mini bucket will come with 3 P’s and 3 I’s. It stands just over 3 inches and weighs about 2 ounces. Please note that the handles and little letters will come unattached from the bucket. This is to keep it from breaking off during shipment. You’ll be able to easily pop the handle into the spots. 

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