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Purdue Cannon Mini

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The Purdue Cannon’s long and storied history dates back to 1905 when a group of Purdue students brought it to Illinois with plans of shooting it following a presumed Boilermaker victory. Some Illinois fans found the trophy and took it before the Purdue fans could celebrate their team’s win. Fast forward to 1943 and the cannon was presented to the winner of the Purdue vs. Illinois battle on the gridiron for the first time. Today, the winning team can only hoist, celebrate and admire the rivalry trophy until the Big Ten rivals again face off on the field; the cannon was last fired in 1983.

PLEASE NOTE: The cannon mini does not contain the scores in the series as there was no way to properly recreate them in such a small space. It does state:

The Purdue Cannon

University of Illinois

Purdue University

Our cannon mini stands 2 3/4 inches and weighs 2.5 ounces.

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