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    Rivalry Trophy celebrates the passion that makes college football more than just football, and nowhere is this passion better exemplified than when two bitter rivals battle on an autumn Saturday. Because, after all, no word better embodies college football more than rivalry. It’s that rivalry classic your misty-eyed grandfather recalls every time the two schools collide. It’s that rivalry win you and your dad always discuss over a few beers. It’s that gut-wrenching, heart-stopping, last-second rivalry loss that you and your buddies have tried in vain to forget. College football is about loving your school while loathing the other. It’s about winning that rivalry game with the knowledge that bragging rights will be yours for another 365 days.

    Rivalry Trophy captures this passion through the replication of the trophies that represent all of the passion of college football's greatest rivalries.  

    Rivalry Trophy...when bragging rights just aren't enough.