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What are the trophies made of?

A very strong polyresin plastic. This is the best material as it can be molded with intricate detail yet is very durable. For a comparison think of a bobblehead.

Are your trophies toys?

No, these are collectibles. While they are strong, durable products they will break if not treated with care. Our trophies are perfect for desks, shelves, bars, tailgates, etc. However many have small parts (Paul Bunyan’s axe on the MSU vs. UM trophy) that will not hold up to aggressive handling. We encourage the proud display of these rivalry trophies, but please handle with care.

Is every trophy the exact same?

Yes and no. We strive for 100% consistency in all products. However as these trophies are crafted by hand there is the possibility of very subtle differences. 

I notice my Paul Bunyan Trophy seems to have scuff marks. Is this intentional?

Yes. Our goal is to recreate the actual trophy that winning players love to hoist after a rivalry victory. The actual Paul Bunyan Trophy that is passed between East Lansing and Ann Arbor has seen wear since its creation in 1953.  

What does it mean to be a Big Ten Licensed Product?

It means that the conference and member institutions have approved the trophies for sale. You can purchase with confidence, knowing that the Big Ten has deemed each rivalry trophy worthy of representing the conference. Each trophy will be adorned with a licensing hologram sticker and a Big Ten sticker which provides a brief summary of the trophy’s history.

Where is Rivalry Trophy located?

We are based out of the metro Detroit area, in the heart of Big Ten country.

What’s the best way to stay updated on future products and shipping discounts?

Please follow us on Facebook (Rivalry Trophy) and on Twitter (@RivalryTrophy)

Are rivalry trophies available in stores?

Many trophies are available in on-campus bookstores and other retailers that feature Big Ten apparel and collectibles.

Can I order a custom-made plaque for my trophy?

In some cases, yes. Please contact us at with any questions.

What uses have college football fans had for rivalry trophies?

Groosmen gifts, fantasy football championship trophies, rub-it-in gifts for fathers-laws-that happen to root for that “other” team are some of the many uses. 

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